Can you use coffee grounds twice?

Can you use coffee grounds several times? Can you make coffee 2 or more times with the same coffee grounds? That is the big question today!

A small cup of coffee

Imagine waking up in the morning, wanting to start the day relaxed with a good cup of coffee, but then your beans are finished and it’s Sunday and the shops really don’t open today. Dilemma. Because you also get visitors and they probably also want a nice cup of coffee.

Making coffee twice from coffee grounds?

Can you make coffee from already used coffee grounds? The answer is Yo (Yes and No)! Yes you can just throw water in your machine and a brown / black substance will come out. But whether you can call that coffee that remains to be seen. In any case, it won’t be espresso.

The whole point of the brewing process is to extract the oils and flavorful compounds from the coffee grounds. The methods we use (in terms of the amount of coffee grounds, the amount of water, and the methods of introducing the water onto the coffee grounds) are designed to maximize the amount of “coffee liquid” that we can obtain.

The amount of real coffee that we can get from a certain amount of ground coffee beans is limited. In addition, the ability of our machines to extract the coffee from the beans is not perfect. So when you repeat the process you will get colored water. But because you have already extracted most of the content from the ground beans. And because all the substances that were easiest to extract are of course already completely gone. Therefore, it only makes sense that your second pot will contain far less “coffee elements” after the same amount of effort.

In addition, not everything you can get out of the coffee grounds tastes good. So not only will your second pot of coffee have less “coffee” aroma, it will also have a more bitter taste.

 So, use coffee grounds twice?

So making coffee twice from the same coffee grounds is not recommended. But just try it once yourself and you will taste why. Maybe you like it very much. That of course saves you a lot of money 😀.

The Reuse of leftover coffee grounds

Despite the fact that it is not advisable to brew coffee several times, you can still very well reuse coffee grounds for other purposes. Plants are very happy with it, for example, and neutralizing odors is also possible with your ground beans.