Car ticks when starting engine does not start

Why o why! Just when you need the trusty 4-wheeler, it does not start and it also makes a strange ticking sound when you turn the key and try to start.

As an A-technical figure, you immediately worry about the condition of your car and you can already see the downpour. An expensive garage will probably want to help you, but then you actually want to drive the car for so long and you should not orient yourself to other options.

But first take a look on the internet, because luckily auto and amateur mechanics are also good at writing forums about similar problems. And yes, not even a few minutes later you have the first questions and answers that are very similar to the situation! Top those forums and blogs!

Cause: An empty battery!

I was so relieved to find out that in this case it would most likely just be a dead battery. Because the voltage of the battery has become so low, the starter motor can no longer even crank the flywheel and you only hear the clicking of the relay.
The solution? Tadaa: Recharge that battery!

Jumper cables

Charging the car battery can of course be done with the well-known jumper cables, which you do not have around as standard as soon as something like this happens, so go to the store or immediately browse online, now that you are behind the computer.

Battery charger

In addition to jumper cables, you can also look at a jump starter or a battery charger / trickle charger. The latter is a box that you connect to the mains via a normal plug and the other cables connect to the battery. This way you can charge your car at home, you are not dependent on others and be the first to ask if your heavy diesel is a hybrid, great!


Now I can easily get everywhere in our village on foot and you don’t have to be in a hurry if you just adjust your priorities. If you have more time pressure and / or a bit more to spend, you can also look at the second option, the jump starter. That is actually jumper cables and auxiliary car in one. Where you have to be patient with a battery charger, you can immediately continue with the jump starter.


Having such a charger or jump starter always gives you the freedom that when such a situation arises, even in the middle of the night, you can act immediately. The prices are also not too bad. At the local car shop or hardware store you can get battery chargers from about € 30, – and a jump starter is already around € 100, – You can also get them online, for example at

And then… maybe replace the battery?

As soon as you have recharged the battery, you can simply hit the road again. Of course it is important that you check why your battery has run down and whether it may not be time to replace it.

Replacing a battery isn’t rocket science either. View the Voltage and Ampere on the old battery, order a new battery online and you can replace the battery. Usually no more than a few nuts and bolts loosen and then retighten. Pay attention to the order of connection. If you want to continue with the new battery for a long time, order one from a good brand such as Varta. Compare the best options online. For example, look at or Amazon