Remove /blog/ in WP multisite url

Creating a Multisite in WordPress is easy and can be of great value. The only thing about the Multisite is that WordPress automaticly adds /blog/ to post urls on your main site.

How to remove /blog/ on your WP multi site?

  1. just log in to your main website’s wordpress dashboard;
  2. be sure your’re managing the right website;
  4. set the permalinks to STANDARD and click save;
  5. now the /blog/ is removed you can select POST-NAME again and click save again.
  6. You should be fine now!

Nota Bene

WordPress puts the /blog/ in your url for a reason. If you have created a multisite in subfolders than you should keep in mind that you do not give a new post on your main site the same name as one of your other sites.